5 No-Code Conf sessions for digital agencies and freelancers

5 No-Code Conf sessions for digital agencies and freelancers
Oct 5, 2021


We get it — whether you’re a digital agency or work as a freelancer, it’s all about creating the best solutions and sites for your clients.

No-Code Conf 2021 — completely free and online this year — is the perfect place to find a starting point, uplevel your practices, or just get inspired by the community. 

Here are five talks that every freelancer and service provider should definitely check out. 

When planning your no-code website or app, it’s easy to get distracted — or worse, not know where to start. In this talk, Jen Kramer, a former Harvard lecturer and current no-code educator, explains how you can define goals, audience, features and functionality, data flow, and brand. After this session, you’ll go into your next project feeling confident, efficient, and organized. 

Creating a microsite? Timothy Ricks has you covered. With years of experience building memorable microsites such as quizzes, games, calculators, and music streaming experiences, Timothy is a great source of inspiration. He’ll dig into addressing your clients marketing needs with uncommon solutions. This talk is a must-attend for anyone looking to think outside of the box. 

In this session, New Zealand-based Connor Finlayson will dive deep into using the Webflow, Airtable, and Zapier stack to create online marketplaces. He’ll go over some of his favorite examples of this stack, and then will walk you through how you can get started on creating a marketplace of your own. 

Claudia Cafeo worked at a London primary school when the pandemic hit. When everything shut down, Claudia began taking a closer look at exploring her passions, and her desire for more creativity in her life. 

Enter Webflow. In a short amount of time, Claudia taught herself how to use Webflow, build sites, and create a community with other women. In this talk, she goes through her journey and how you too can own your power. 

When it comes to scaling a web design agency, John D. Saunders of 5Four Digital knows firsthand everything that it takes to do it in a sustainable and thoughtful way. He’ll walk you through how to develop step-by-step standard operating procedures (SOPs) as well as web design-relevant SOPs. Plus, he’ll share some free tools everyone should use and explain how to mitigate agency mistakes. You won’t want to miss it. 

We can’t wait to see you! 

This is just the tip of the iceberg — you can check out all of our No-Code Conf 2021 talks here



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