NCC sessions for marketing and design teams

NCC sessions for marketing and design teams
Oct 5, 2021


Not sure which NCC sessions to prioritize? We’ve got you covered.

We know it can be difficult to decide which sessions are most relevant to your needs, so we’ve put together a collection of talks for marketing teams and the designers that work along with them. 

Mark your calendar for these five talks: 

Creating, distributing, and repurposing content takes time — more than many marketing teams can spare. In this session, Aron Korenblit will walk you through a process for using no-code tools to organize your content workflow. Aron will explain how to gain insights into your unique content pipeline and share tips for using automation to speed up your process.

Marketing moves quickly, which can put a lot of pressure on designers and developers. In this session, Curtis Cummings explains how building a no-code-first culture at your company empowers your team to work independently and focus on high-value projects. Curtis will share examples of how his team has used a no-code infrastructure to scale from 3 to 200 employees within a year. 

Together, marketing and design teams can drive impactful narratives. In this session, Graham McDonnell will share design and storytelling methods he and his team have used to keep audiences hooked on their content. 

In this talk, Greg Rog and Matt Wierzbicki will deliver a comprehensive look into creating and using design systems. They’ll explain the benefits of building a design system that anyone in the company can use, even if they’re not familiar with Webflow. Plus, they’ll share lessons they’ve learned from helping various marketing and design teams prototype, iterate, and implement ideas. 

Join this session to get the behind-the-scenes details of how marketing, design, and R&D worked together to boost business. Stewart Ramsey, Emily Green, and Tom Rich will explain how they used Webflow to solve bottleneck issues, redesign their site, and close deals faster. 

See you at No-Code Conf!

Be sure to keep an eye on the full No-Code Conf agenda for the most up-to-date schedule. 



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