Announcing Webflow’s partnership with Stripe Atlas

Announcing Webflow’s partnership with Stripe Atlas
Jan 13, 2022

Today, we’re very excited to announce a new partnership with Stripe Atlas – a startup toolkit powered by Stripe that helps remove the legal complexity around forming a company in the United States.

Stripe Atlas customers that are new to Webflow will now have access to a 50% discount off an annual CMS site plan, and a 100% discount off the Saaslify template, to help them design, build, and launch their website; to get their new business up and running as quickly as possible with Webflow. 

This discount is unique to Stripe Atlas members – once you’re logged into your Stripe Atlas account, head over to your dashboard to access the discount. 

The Stripe Atlas team has created a super comprehensive guide on how to apply for the program. Head over to this really helpful article to see what documents and company information you need to gather before applying to Stripe Atlas. Once you’ve collected all the material required for application, the process of applying takes less than 10 minutes! 

If you’re a startup looking to get your new site live but aren’t a part of Stripe Atlas – you can apply via Webflow for Startups for the startup discount. 


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