Our team has a decade-long experience in custom mobile app development in Uganda that spans a wide range of industries from retail to healthcare and energy.

You want a proactive team who can dive into your business ecosystem. Who can explore the market and understand your needs, requirements and capabilities. Who can build a truly custom strategy and unlock the full potential of mobile technology for your company.

This is what custom mobile app development is about. We get to know your business and tailor our application development services to your goals and expectations.


GICT Uganda can help you take advantage of the rapidly growing segment of mobile application development. Mobile apps can help increase engagement and foster customer loyalty and brand recognition.

If you’re looking for a team to support your mobile application development project, GICT can help. We offer cutting-edge research, development, and mobile application design to match your unique project requirements. We also provide quality assurance by industry professionals who ensure your project is done to your complete satisfaction and produces the results you’re looking for. Finally, our mobile application solutions can be built and tested to function seamlessly across any mobile device, whether it is a small smartphone or a large tablet

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Applications across all Platforms

Almost all our website designs are optimized to work on Apple IPhone, Apple IPad, google Android and Research in Motion’s Blackberry Devices. It’s hard to find skilled iPhone developers in Uganda since it’s an industry that’s still developing. But Webstar Uganda has invested heavily into IOS application development and have sent most of our developers on IPhone development courses and constantly ensure they stay up to date so as to remain Professional IPhone Developers. So, all in all you can see that we build interactive mobile Apps, Design iPhone apps, develop iPad Apps, if you want to look at some of our iPhone apps that we have developed over the years, please feel free to visit our offices for a presentation. All in all you’re in the right place if you were looking for IOS application developers in Uganda.